Our Objective Evaluation of Bodog88

During our initial visit to the Bodog88 casino, we encountered a significant predicament. Although the site was well-organized and the graphics were impressive, there was one issue. Despite our apparent sophistication, the fact that everything was written in Chinese was beyond our pay grade. We were left with what appeared to be an incredible Bodog website, but no means to evaluate it.

At that moment, we also came across something that you will require in order to access the Bodog88 Casino (spoiler alert: you will want to). Upon navigating to the footer of any page on the website, one will discern two flags—the Chinese flag and the flag of Great Britain—positioned in the lower right-hand corner. Users who do not possess the same level of fluency in multiple languages as us should select the flag of Great Britain to have the site automatically translate to English.

After averting a minor crisis, we were able to commence our exploration of the Bodog88 platform. Our initial impressions and sentiments were favorable, as the layout appeared to be well-organized and the graphics exhibited superior quality. All of the slot machines, table games, live dealer games, and sports wagering options were conveniently categorized in a menu located at the homepage of the website.

An aspect that immediately captured our attention, in addition to the attractive layout, was the exceptional caliber of the slot games provided. This is by far the most branded and highest quality additional game collection we have ever seen (games based on television programs and films are the priciest for casinos to acquire). Game of Thrones, Hitman, Jurassic Park, Nacho Libre, and so forth are examples. Without a doubt, the caliber of the program is unparalleled among online gaming sites.

Book of Sportsbook

Bodog88 has structured its sportsbook with six sections spanning the top of the screen and a sports menu located on the left-hand side of the page. Adhering to the design standard of most prominent sportsbooks, the page features all available odds and wagers in the central region. eSports, virtual sports, football, basketball, and tennis comprise the six categories that span the top.

Our evaluation of the sportsbook’s layout was varied. Overall, the appearance was quite tidy; the reduced font size of the wagers contributed to a more streamlined and comprehensible atmosphere. The aspect that distinguished itself for us was the sports interface located on the screen’s left-hand side. The primary sports were organized similarly to the majority of sites; however, the appearance changed slightly when the expand icon was selected on each sport.

The majority of sites provide a list of leagues that offer wagering and enable you to select your options from that list. For instance, clicking on basketball would reveal options such as NBA, NCAA, and others. However, wagers at Bodog88 are organized by type. Upon selecting “basketball,” the available choices were HDP & OU, Mix Parlay, and Outright. Whether you consider this to be a pro or a con will depend on your individual preference. As we are accustomed to seeing them organized by league, we personally prefer that method. Those of you who prefer a particular form of wager may find this to be ideal.

There is a choice to place bets by division following the selection of the sport in the upper-right corner of the screen, above the odds. Selecting “Select League” will allow you to locate the desired league. Although this functionality precisely matches our request, its placement there rather than on the primary menu to the left is a little peculiar. However, this will ultimately be a matter of personal preference; even if you are accustomed to the “usual” method of doing things, you will quickly become accustomed to this layout.

In addition to the Select League icon, there are alternative formats available for you to modify the odds to suit your preferences. Hong Kong odds, Indonesian odds, American odds, decimal odds, and Malay odds are among the available options.

The process of updating the statistics differs slightly from that of other sites; however, this aspect ultimately depends on personal preference; you may not even notice the distinction from other sites. Numerous websites dynamically update the statistics in real-time, providing users with an experience akin to observing a change in the stock market board. Doubly-updated odds are available at Bodog88. You are provided with the option to manually update all the sports or the specific one you are observing by utilizing one. The alternative is to exercise patience; the collective updates occur every 90 seconds.

One advantage of this is that the appearance of the materials is not as “wild” as it is on alternative sportsbook pages. Once more, there will be individuals who appreciate this while others will not.
They do indicate that the wagers have changed by flashing them after an update; however, they do not display a distinct color to indicate which way the changes have occurred.
Other books will indicate whether a wager has increased or decreased by flashing red or green around it. We would really like to see them incorporate this feature.






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